Welcome! I started +Movz (Positive Moves) as a passion project to share topics I love to explore like developing habits that improve wellness, productivity and happiness. In 2019, I discovered how much difference the ideas and strategies that I have been discovering could make in my life – especially focusing on small positive changes.

For most of my adult life, I’ve been an explorer of personal development and believe that we all benefit if each of us is able to discover and share our unique gifts. I tend to take a honeybee approach to exploration – picking up helpful nuggets as I go and weaving them together to create my own way of doing things. I expect others to also try things out and see what works for them – not look at my examples as a blueprint.

While I have found practices that are transformative on an individual level, community has been an important element in my personal growth and my work. One of my favorite TEDx talks is “Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude” by Barbara Sher. Right now being part of the +Movz community means participating in the blog post comments and subscribing to my newsletter, but I’m dreaming of more.

During the Summer of 2020, I started a Positive Psychology Coaching Certificate program. As I figure out what coaching looks like for me, I’ll be offering it here: coaching services.

Thanks for visiting +Movz!
Pamela Wood Browne

I’m dedicating +Movz to my sister Julie who inspired me and left us too soon. Butterflies seemed to start visiting me and have become reminders of Julie’s presence – and Greenville is full of them year-round! They are also a beautiful symbol of transformation and Julie has been an inspiration in mine ❤️