Strengths-Based Coaching for Life Balance and Transitions

Are you facing a life transition or looking to create more happiness or wellbeing in your life? I help you to focus on your strengths, create new habits that support your wellbeing, and gain new perspectives on your goals using the VIA Character Strengths and my +Movz Life Balance review.

I’m passionate about taking a more flexible, entrepreneurial approach to career planning with a focus on lifelong learning and being resilient in the face of significant changes in technology and business needs. I’m also an advocate for a better understanding of and preparation for major life shifts like caregiving roles and health challenges.

I’m a MentorCoach trained professional coach. I offer strengths-based coaching using a positive psychology approach. Coaching is not therapy. As a coach, I partner with you by holding space for your goals and provide accountability.

Compassion, mindfulness, and community building are part of my approach. I’m a Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator and will be offering group experiences using this walking meditation practice.

Contact me if you are interested.